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Welcome to StepUpStepIn, where we help women gain confidence and achieve their professional goals.

With personalised guidance and proven strategies, we empower women to excel in their careers and overcome any obstacles they may face.

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Individual Services

Deirdre understands more than ever the need to create successful careers that positively impact you, your teams and the organisation. Her mission is to empower women to overcome self-limiting beliefs and shine with confidence in both their professional and personal lives.

Warm, engaging, and empathetic, she creates a supportive environment where women feel empowered to explore their full potential. Deirdre draws on her extensive wealth of knowledge and experience from her own career.

Corporate Services

Deirdre has spent the last 25 years leading teams and individuals through organisational and transformational change. Having held senior leadership roles at renowned companies like LinkedIn, IBM, and Oracle, Deirdre brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her coaching practice. 

Her corporate services are designed to help organisations foster an inclusive and empowering environment where women can thrive. From leadership development and team building to individual coaching sessions, Deirdre offers tailored solutions to address the specific needs of your workforce.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching fosters learning, encourage growth, and taps into your innate potential, ultimately contributing to successful organisational outcomes. It provide a confidential, professional, and independent environment that supports meaningful positive change.

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Be ready to drive positive change within your organisation. Our workshops provide the support and resources needed for you to thrive in the workplace, fostering an inclusive and dynamic environment. Discover how our workshops can help unleash your untapped potential.

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Raising Your Horizon

Discover how our Raising Your Horizon programme provides extra guidance to help you overcome self-limiting beliefs and aim higher in your professional and personal life. With diverse perspectives and innovative ideas, you can inspire your team to reach new heights of success.

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Unlock the potential of your leadership with our masterclasses, where you will gain valuable skills and insights for personal and professional growth. Embrace diverse perspectives and innovative ideas to inspire success and create a more inclusive and dynamic work environment.

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Effective Leadership for Women

Equipping female leaders with the skills and confidence they need to excel in their roles and advance their careers.

  • One-on-one coaching sessions to empower you
  • Personalised guidance to help you thrive in your career
  • Tools and strategies to elevate your impact and drive positive change
  • Support to allow you to lead high-performing teams
  • Explore the power of leading from a place of authenticity and the importance of giving yourself permission to be true to who you are.


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What Deirdre's Clients say ...

Deirdre and I have been working together for just over 10 months now. I was a little nervous at first as our working relationship started in April when everyone was on lockdown. However, doing these sessions virtually did not affect the impact at all. Deirdre has certainly taken me on a journey with her coaching and advice, I have become a more considerate and thoughtful leader. What I love most about her is she has a style that helps you find your own solution. In the past, I have had coaches who told instead of taught. Her no-nonsense approach works for us both and I am looking forward to working with her in the future to further improve my skills.

Lesley Ronaldson

Sales Director

We were delighted and blown away by the positive impact Deirdre McGinn had on our participants when she was a guest speaker as part of our Leadership Course. Deirdre was so inspiring and uplifting and gave invaluable information on leadership, taking the lead with confidence and creating a virtual presence. She not only gave expert advice but mixed it in with personal stories which made it more relatable and ultimately enjoyable. We could not recommend her more; she is simply outstanding at what she does.

Gráinne O'Neill

National Coordinator for Women in Tennis

Deirdre is one of those people, where once you meet them, you realize, in minutes, how truly valuable they are going to be to you. She is not only an incredible coach & mentor, but also has the credentials & vast experience to back it up. I have been working with Deirdre for over a year now & can confidently say the impact has been profound on a personal and professional level. I am profoundly grateful for her coaching & guidance. I look forward to continuing to work together.

Rachel Cleary


Deirdre is one of the most effective coaches and agents of change I have encountered in my career to date. Her commitment to enable meaningful discussions and uncover deep insights is an invaluable support when it comes to truly finding the right path forward; and she brings the perfect balance of genuine care and empathy coupled with honest, direct and challenging questions. A fantastic listener, Deidre brings a focus to every session that never fails to capture what is said and unsaid.Highly recommend Deirdre for anyone who is looking to truly step change their career and reach their full potential and goals


EMEA Marketing Manager

Deirdre joined us a guest on our Podcast to talk about the importance of virtual presence and how to build relationships in a digital world. We saw a lot of value in the framework she has developed, especially now that business cannot be done face to face and most of our team members are working remotely. We have hired her to run a companywide workshop, where she shared best practices of virtual presence, the important of deepening virtual relationships and how to build trust in a digital world. Our 150+ team members from our UK & US offices managed to get great actionable insights from the webinar and have been successfully applying the framework in their day-to-day.

Catarina Hoch

VP Global Marketing

Deirdre led our Team Building Event in December. Her energy, expertise and knowledge ensured the day was not only full of great learning but brought the team together in a fun and highly motivated way. After a difficult year for everyone, this is exactly what was needed to ensure a strong end to 2020 and a great start to 2021. We are looking forward to continuing this work with Deirdre in 2021.

Mohamed Nada

Head of Direct Programs